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Bunny Rabbits Can Make The Best Family Pets


Bunny Rabbits make the best family pets

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Are you considering bringing a beautiful bunny rabbit into your family but are not quite sure if they are precisely the right pet for you? Perhaps you are wondering what do rabbits eat or how long do rabbits live?  These are, among others, several key factors that you should consider before adopting a rabbit. Here are some helpful facts that illustrate why they can make fantastic family pets:

What do rabbits eat?

Bunny rabbits eat hay and grass, they should have unlimited access to hay and grass. A lot of store-bought hay brands are yellow in color, and, while cheap, those brands might not provide the essential nutrients a rabbit requires or might just not be as tasty as one of the fresh, farm-bought greener varieties. Farms will often sell these fresher bales of hay for reasonable prices, and depending on the farmer selling the hay, you can get quite a bulk of hay to last a while. Greener hay has multiple health benefits (such as cleaner teeth) and also keeps rabbits distracted for longer periods of time. They can get bored and develop behavioral issues, such as excess chewing or trying to escape from their cages to go exploring. Having plenty of high-quality hay will help deter those behaviors.

The hay that I purchase comes straight from a farmer, it’s green and fresh.  Furthermore I order it online and it comes straight to my door.  Very convenient.  Here is a link to the hay I purchase. I find that in pet shops they want more money for a much smaller packet and it’s not fresh, so it’s not worth it.

Rabbit treats?

A rabbit’s size and age should be taken into consideration when planning for their dietary needs. Treats should only be given in moderation and can include fruits like strawberries, peaches, and melons. Fresh foods like carrots and bok choy can be added to a rabbit’s diet to ensure the proper level of nutrients is being consumed.

How long do rabbits live?

Rabbits have somewhat lengthy lifespans. Some rabbits can live to be between 10 and 12 years of age. This is a significant period of time, so when considering adopting a bunny rabbit, it is crucial to explore how long-term of a commitment you are willing and able to make. Indoor-only rabbits tend to live longer lives as they are not exposed to the same dangers as outdoor rabbits. Rabbits are preyed upon by other forms of wildlife, including foxes, birds of prey, cats, and even ferrets. If you already own a cat and/or ferret, you might want to reconsider whether or not it is safe for you to adopt a rabbit.  Although some cats and rabbits have been known to get along, only if they grow up together.

Common health issues for rabbits include hairballs, gastrointestinal statis (a shutting-down of the digestive track), dental problems, parasites, upper respiratory infections, obesity (especially with indoor-only rabbits or rabbits who do not receive enough playtime), heat stroke, leg fractures, and Myxomatosis.

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What kinds of personality traits do rabbits have?

Rabbits tend to bond very closely with their owners and need less space than dogs, cats, birds, or ferrets. They often do better than larger animals in smaller homes and are generally able to adapt well to their environments. They are normally quiet critters and, with their high degree of intelligence, can usually be easily trained. Rabbits are leash-trainable and often seem to enjoy walking outside with their humans.

Of course, as with all domesticated species, behavioral problems can occur. Bunny rabbits tend to be rather energetic and need at least three hours of free-range playtime every day. They tend to love running around and playing with toys. Toys should, however, be chew-friendly and not made of small parts that could easily be ripped off and swallowed. Much like cats and ferrets, they love playing in tunnels and boxes. There are many cost-effective ways to construct fun bunny playhouses out of basic materials.Rabbits

I purchased one of these tunnels for my rabbits, and they absolutely love it.  It looks awesome and it was really cheap!  Here is the link to the exact one if you want to get one too, your rabbits will love it.  There are so many cute chew toys and tunnels, it’s hard not to buy them all.

Rabbit Hutch

There are so many different kinds of rabbit hutches out there today, it’s hard to decide which one to get.  Ideally you want something that has a separate bedding area which is sheltered and dark. The bunny rabbits like to feel safe if they feel nervous or scared.   Picking the correct cage also depends on whether you are going to have females or males.

rabbit hutch, rabbitsFemales need to be separate at all times, you have heard the term “breed like rabbits” haven’t you?  I can tell you a story of one of our females getting pregnant even through the bars!  We have learnt from that mistake.

Currently we have 1 female and 2 males, we have Lola in the bottom and the Boys (Yin & Seb) in the top.  Lola has had one litter in this, so it’s safe for litters, it has trays underneath for easy cleaning.  Also it sits just off the ground, where the rabbit hutch is, in our garage, occasionally there is water on the ground, so we wanted it raised a bit.  Here is the link to our Rabbit Hutch.

Now of course your needs might be a little different then ours, so choose your rabbit cage or rabbit hutch wisely.  There is a range advertised below, you can click on the link, and it will take you to more.

Overall, rabbits make fantastic pets. They are extremely loyal once bonded with humans, and you will probably wish to consider adopting more than one, as bunnies often do best living in pairs. Also, it’s difficult to stop at adopting only one rabbit! They’re just that sweet and adorable.


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