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Best Pet Lizards


Best Pet Lizards

Pet lizards are great display animals and can be very low maintenance.  Keeping lizards as pets can be much easier than some other pets.  They are kept usually in fresh habitats in a tank enclosure with proper lighting.  If your searching for a tank with everything included, look no further than our links below this page, they are suitable for the best pet lizards we recommend in this article.

The sizes of lizards can range from a few inches long to nearly ten feet!  Their are so many variety’s of lizards from geckos to komodo dragons, it does make it a bit hard to believe that they all, in fact, are members of the same family.  However, all reptiles such as lizards have several traits in common, being cold-blooded, having overlapping scales and possessing acute vision.

Because lizards are cold blooded, they require a heating source such as a lamp or UV light in their environment. It is important to note these reptiles cannot regulate their own core temperature so this is also a reason why a heat source is needed. These creatures should also be housed in a larger habitat if that is possible. Plants can be used in the enclosure but some reptiles may be allergic. It is helpful to do research on lizards before you consider owning one in regards to this or as the pet store personnel about any allergens.

Types of pet lizards

A great beginner pet lizard is the Bearded Dragon. There are many types of pet lizards but the bearded dragon is one of the most common or recommended. The bearded dragon indeed has a beard and is popular due to its look. These pet lizards are recommended to be kept in a least a 75 gallon tanks. They come from Australia so it is recommended to have a temperature in the closure of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  As with most lizards these guys need UV light, heat and moisture.  As you can guess, they are used to relatively warm temperatures.

Bearded dragons are very cute to look at and very easy to care for.  Furthermore they are super friendly and they like being picked up and handled.  A bearded dragon can live between five to eight years, So if you are considering a lizard as a pet, please consider they will be with you for this long.

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Bearded Dragon Lizard

One of the most common types of pet lizards is the Gecko. These guys are also pretty low maintenance and of the smaller varieties. Leopard Geckos can be kept together in an enclosure as long as there is one male and female only. They are also low maintenance for clean-up purposes as they only use one corner to use the restroom. The pricing for these lizards can run rather cheap unless they are of a rare breed.

Blue Tongue Lizards

If you are looking for a really distinct type of pet lizard, The Blue-Tongues Skink is a really neat looking creature. True to its’ name, it has a blue tongue and is one of the best lizards to display as a pet. They are of the larger variety but are popular because of their physical features and their personalities actually. They love to be handled and scratched on their head. It is funny to think of a lizard as cuddly but these guys are very physical. Because they are larger, they eat more of a variety of food like hard boiled eggs and turkey. For the most part though, they are rather easy to handle.  

I have pictured below a Blue tongue lizard that is part of my daughters animals program at school, it’s kept as a pet.  The photo below is our resident blue tongue that lives at our front garden steps, we give him water on hot days and he always comes out to say hello when we walk past. These guys are found in a lot of Australian gardens over the summer time.

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Blue Tongue Lizard
What do lizards eat?

Lizards breeds have different needs, it’s recommended that you do research on your breed before going ahead and purchasing.   The majority of popular pet lizards are insectivores and live on a diet of crickets with a few supplements.  Bearded dragons are omnivorous.  A good diet for a bearded dragon will include plenty of leafy greens as well as crickets and even mice.  Geckos like to hunt down insects, but also love sweet fruits.  One treat gecko owners have discovered is baby food made from fruits.  It’s important to remember that lizards love a good chase and will often reject food that is already dead.  Your nearest pet store usually stock live crickets and worms for this reason, or you can click here to order 1000 medium live crickets for feeding lizards.

 Although for the most part they are low maintained, each one of the species may require more or less lighting, please do your research.  In summary though, Lizards are easy to maintain and have less cleanup than other animals.  Sometimes more than one lizard can be kept in the same habitat but it is important to know which ones are good for cohabitation. These recommended types of lizards for the best pet lizards are also pet lizards for beginners.  

blue tongue lizard, best pet lizards
Our resident blue tongue lizard at home


There are many variety’s of habitats, it really depends on the breed of lizard and the size of the lizard to which habitat you will get.  Here are a few lizard habitats I can recommend:Lizard Habitat, Lizards

  • KollerCraft Repitat Flat-Backed Reptile Habitat, 5-Gallon 

  • *5-gallon reptile habitat ideal for small animals and bugs, including crickets, hermit crabs, frogs, lizards, and snakes
  • *Wide flat-backed design provides ample viewing space
  • *Heavy duty metal screen top keeps pets safely secured
  • *Seamless acrylic construction offers a crystal clear view; resistant to impact and child-friendly; plastic plants not included

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Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium

*For much bigger lizards, or other reptiles
*Glass terrarium for reptiles and amphibians
*Front doors can open separately
*Closable inlets for wires and/or tubing
*Waterproof bottom
*Measures 24 x 18 x 12 Inch

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