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The Teacup Pig – The Truth


The truth about the Teacup Pig

Teacup pigs are a special breed of pigs, which will remain tiny and cute, even after they grow up. The breed was firstly created for lab-search purposes, but a lot of people started to buy teacup pigs and keep them as pets. The adorable look and the small appearance made this type of pigs very popular. More and more people wish their own teacup pig and the demand for this breed grew exponentially in the past few years. The high demand also came with a higher price. Today, a teacup pig can cost from $750 to $3500. However, there are some things you didn’t know about this breed and below we will tell you more about it.

teacup pig

1) They grow up

A teacup pig only has the “teacup” size when it’s small. We have to admit it! They’re adorable! But this is nothing more than a clever marketing scam, because they will grow up after some time. If you keep a teacup pig for more than a year, you will notice how it keeps growing and will eventually become huge. And an enormous pig is not that cute anymore. Also, it’s very impractical to keep a giant pig in your apartment and most than certain, you will have to give it away eventually. However, there had been cases in which the pigs didn’t grow up that much and they remained tiny and cute.

2) Overfeeding

When you purchase a teacup pig, the seller should give you some basic tips, regarding how to feed your new pet. Normally, a small teacup pig shouldn’t be fed with more than a quarter cup of food per day. People often ignore this advice and overfeed their pigs, thinking that they’re doing a good thing. They aren’t. An overfed teacup pig will grow up faster and will also develop some serious health issues. However, you shouldn’t starve the pig just to keep it small. If it has to grow, it will grow eventually and there’s nothing you can do from stopping it.

3) Some of them might have mutations

The teacup pig is a relatively new breed of pigs and it didn’t reach a stable genetic structure yet. That’s why, some of them can have different health issues which are hard to detect when you buy the small pig. A very common mutation is with their bone structure. While the bones remain small, the internal organs of the pig start growing, until they cannot support the weight anymore. Their skeletal structure often present deformities, which will not allow them to move properly after they grow up.

4) They are hard to domesticate

The human being started to domesticate cats and dogs over 9000 years ago. Over this time, we started to develop a relationship with these animals and we taught them how to be a good companion. Pigs on the other hand are different. There is no point in history, where pigs were considered pets. However, they were kept around people and they were domesticated in a way. Your teacup pig will learn how to trust you, but it will always have a shy behavior around strangers. It’s in their instinct. Also, if you properly train a dog or a cat, they will be happy and friendly around strangers. This doesn’t apply for pigs. Even if it will be comfortable in your presence, it might act unpredictable around other people.

5) They need plenty of outdoor space

Like we mentioned before, the teacup pig will eventually grow up and it won’t longer fit in a teacup. Assuming that you cannot keep an 100 pounds pig in a small apartment, you must ensure it a proper outdoor space. They aren’t used to be indoor for much time and they need to go outside from time to time. Pigs are herd animals and won’t be happy being alone. That’s why, if you want to buy / adopt a teacup pig, you should take a pair.

teacup pig


If you really want a teacup pig, you can get one. But make sure that you can ensure it all the conditions and that you won’t have a problem when it grows up. Remember that overfeeding is a big problem, because it’s a pig after all and it will eat as much as you feed it. The price is also a problem because a small teacup pig can cost around $1000. Just make sure that you really want one, before taking any unwise decision.

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