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Adopt Don’t Shop


Adopt Don’t Shop

When it comes to welcoming a pet into your home, it is best to understand why it is important to adopt don’t shop.  Pet shops were a very popular go to when you wanted to find your new best friend.  Pet shops selling live animals were forced to permanently close in 2011.  Although pet shops are now illegal, people will still sell pets in classified ads.  Most of these pets are puppies and kittens, and were not up to date with their shots.  Which means they could be sometimes carrying deadly virus’s.  The following post will help you to better understand the crucial differences between adopting an animal and buying one.

In the past, animal advocates highly encouraged adoption from shelters due to the fact that if left un-adopted, many of the pets, would be euthanized due to over crowding.  Today adoption has become even popular and a recent law has made all animal shelters, a no kill animal pet rescue.  Adoption fees are very low and all animals are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Shelters also provide micro chipping, once registered can help you find your pet if they ever escape.  If you are to buy or find a pet from off the streets, you do not know what you are bringing home along with it.

Animal shelters are over crowding, please help

adopt dont shop, adopt don't shop

Pet shops were notorious for selling animals that were a part of a breeding organization.  These are also better known by the term “puppy mills.” Getting a pet from a puppy mill would be supporting animal cruelty.  Many of the animals live in dirty overcrowded cages, simply to save costs.  All the owners want is to breed them constantly to make more money off litters.  Shelters spay and neuter all cats and dogs to prevent possible chances of having additional animals not being taken care of and out on the streets.

The cost of adoption is relatively cheaper than buying from a breeder.  Outside animal shelter dogs can be very costly, up to five hundred dollars, depending on the specific breed.  When adopting from an animal pet rescue, on average puppies can be brought home to a good family for often less than a hundred dollars.  The adoption fee includes the previously mentioned, spay or neutering, vaccines, and micro chipping.  You will most likely not find that on a Craigslist ad.  Shelter staff will make sure an animal is going to a good home,while some breeders are just in it for money.

There are other advantages to adopting from your local humane society such as free training programs and classes for you and your pet.  For people with specific allergies, there are plenty of variety’s of pets at shelters, take your time to adopt the right breed for you.  Some shelters and rescue groups even have a trial period to “test” out your new pet.

Pet Foster Carers

Furthermore, a lot of rescue groups and shelters are currently using foster carers to help with overcrowding in shelters.  The benefits of adopting a pet from a foster carer are fantastic.  Depending on the carer, usually they have other animals in their care.  So they know instantly whether your new pet is ok with other dogs or cats, whether it gets along with children etc.  The pet is also handled on a daily basis and loved in the foster carers home.

Animal shelters are wonderful at placing older pets with families. Many forget that there are several elderly animals in the shelter due to negligence or sadly, an owner’s death.  These pets still tend to get overlooked at shelters but they tend to make great companions if you are seeking a quiet, older furry friend. Your selfless actions may inspire your friends to adopt don’t shop. Adoption fees are continuously getting lower.  When adopting a new pet, you are not just limited to dogs and cats. Many shelters also seek homes for rabbits, chinchillas, and even snakes. Keep in mind that the less common a pet, the lower the adoption fee.

When you bring home your new pet, some shelters and rescue groups, give you free beginning supplies such as pet food, bedding or bowls.  By providing these items to the new owner, it encourages them to adopt again in the future and spread the word to others.  Adoption means you are helping to save an innocent animal’s life.

There is isn’t anything more fulfilling than knowing you can make a difference.

The owners of are proud foster carers of Paws of love animal rescue care in Australia.  Please visit this link to view all the animals up for adoption.

Especially this little guy, Timmy is currently sitting in my lap as I’m typing this article. He broke his leg tying to be a ninja kitten!


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