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Hedgehogs – Exotic Pets


The Hedgehog – Can You Keep A Hedgehog Pet?

Hedgehogs have had no problem in catching the eyes of people, by the cuteness factor.  The numerous little spines, curious and neighborly nature, and obviously that grin they appear to have.   The modest little faced hedgehog is adored of millions around the globe.  Did you know there are 14 different species of Hedgehog?  Out of all 14 Species, there is one 4 that can be a good pet.  Actually the African pygmy hedgehog, makes a great pet.

Now I wouldn’t just go and purchase a Hedgehogs without a lot of research first.  A little research and data before bringing one of these pets homes can go far toward ensuring they are a solid match in your life.  I always though that holding a hedgehog would be spiky and almost hurt you, but guess what?  When a hedgehog is happy and relaxed, it puts it’s quills down,  you can stroke it, and it actually feels soft.  Believe it or not, a tame hedgehog enjoys being petted.  Beware though,  If it gets startled, it can change into a prickly ball in seconds.

Hedgehogs, exotic pets

Hedgehog Care

Hedgehogs can make awesome pets for the ideal individual. Likewise, with any pet, hedgehogs require care and thoughtfulness regarding stay healthy and cheerful. The vast majority of their needs are judgment skills. However, they have interesting qualities, too.

Hedgehogs don’t have an issue with being separated from everyone else amid their pen time so a 2′ x 3′ enclosure would be sufficiently enormous for a solitary hedgehog. If you have space and spending plan to get a greater enclosure, your companion will value it.  Some pen’s or enclosures are simpler to clean than others, so do some research. Wire Cages are preferable.  Please do not use an aquarium or similar. The hedgehog could overheat with no ventilation. The pen, likewise, should be kept in a zone of stable temperature. A drop in temperature can send your hedgehog into hibernation. If your Hedgehog will be outside on grass or dirt, then a single story rabbit hutch or chicken run would be perfect.  Here is a perfect enclosure for a Hedgehog.

Your pet will require access to sustenance and water within their pen. A dish will work to hold the water or water containers are available at all pet stores. A water jug will spare you a tonne of time cleaning after your hedgehog has played in his water dish. Hedgehogs will likewise require a few things in their pen to play with and to cover up under.  Get a variety of different things, however, ensure they don’t represent a risk for your pet. Either pine chips or pellets from recycled paper can be used as bedding.

What do hedgehogs eat

Hedgehogs require a generous measure of protein in their diets. Most hedgehog food in pet stores contains elements of low quality ingredients and do not have the protein that these pets require.   Hedgehogs are carnivores first and foremost.   They can have vegetables, however they need meat to be healthy.  Many pet hedgehog proprietors essentially sustain their little companions quality cat food. It is uplifting news for you and your hedgehog. He will be more beneficial, and you will spare some cash as opposed to purchasing costly hedgehog sustenance. A few proprietors even combine brands of cat food for a custom diet. Dry feline sustenance will work flawlessly, and you can buy extensive packs the length of you store it in a dry place.

If your hedgehog was in the wild, in their regular environment, they would look for creepy crawlies and worms to get by on. So in saying that, your hedgehog may appreciate crickets or mealworms now and again to feed on. These snacks are accessible in many pet stores, come live or solidify dried. A few hedgehogs have an inclination between worms or crickets so you need to attempt both and see which works best.    Here are some you can order online and get delivered to your door.

Hedgehogs appreciate fruit and vegetables cut into small pieces occasionally too. Great foods to incorporate are apples, asparagus, bananas, carrots, greens and sweet peppers.  Foods to avoid are peas and corn, as they contain an excessive amount of sugar and phosphorus.

baby hedgehogs, hedgehogs

Baby Hedgehogs

It’s never a good idea to breed a hedgehog.  it’s require great care and patience.  It is actually quite common for hedgehogs to eat their babies or reject them.  This happens particularly if it is the first litter, or if the mother was aggravated.  Mother hedgehogs require significant peace and calm, and mainly to be left alone.  Baby Hedgehogs reach sexual maturity in their 2nd year, and they have a breeding period between April and September.  A litter of a Hedgehog can be between 1 and 9 babies, around 4 being the most common.  Young hedgehogs can survive without their mother after 6 weeks.

baby hedgehogs

Hedgehog Lifespan

Pet hedgehogs have a normal lifespan of around 3 to 5 years.  As a general rule, a hedgehog that makes it to 5 years old is doing great, and anything past that is fortunate.

Hedgehogs have a moderately long lifespan for their size. Bigger types of hedgehogs live 4–7 years in the wild (some have been recorded up to 16 years), and littler species live 2–4 years (4–7 in bondage), contrasted with a mouse at 2 years and a huge rodent at 3–5 years. The absence of predators and controlled diet add to a more extended lifespan in bondage.

Their lifespan relies on upon a considerable measure of climate; dry or chilly summers will make life much harder for hibernation.


It is a smart thought to give your hedgehog consideration day by day so he or she can get used to you and your fragrance. Once your pet is accustomed to being taken care of, he/she will unwind it’s plumes and turn into an extremely tender companion.

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