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Dog Toothpaste – Should You Use It?


Dog Toothpaste – Should You Use It?

Are you wondering why dog toothpaste is a thing?  You might think that it is just a marketing strategy to pull money from pet owners.  However, the decision is in your hands as a responsible pet owner whether you want your pet to healthy. If your dog’s dental hygiene isn’t maintained, problems can arise and they might hurt your pocket at the veterinarian’s clinic.  So, dog toothpaste is just as important as human toothpaste.

dog toothpaste

With cleaning your dog’s teeth, remember to a toothbrush that is designed for dogs or if there is a recommended alternative, you can go for it. Next, do not and never use human toothpaste, use a dog toothpaste -it comes with flavors that you can choose from to suit your dog’s taste. When you begin with the brushing, your furry friend might resist since the activity is new. Allow your dog to “get to know” the toothbrush, let your pet lick or sniff and investigate what you are holding.

Another thing is to let your dog taste the toothpaste, put a tiny amount of the product on your finger or on the toothpaste and introduce it. Start slow and gentle with brushing your dog’s teeth and gums, don’t miss out on any areas as you would do with your teeth. Then, reward your pet to give a positive reinforcement about the tooth brushing activity.

If you don’t where to get the product, we have some links on bestselling toothpastes!

·Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs by SENTRY

You and your dog will surely get along with the tooth brushing experience since this toothpaste has poultry flavor! This toothpaste that is specially formulated for your pets can help with controlling plaque, fighting bad breath and keep your dog’s dental hygiene maintained.

C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste by Virbac

This is another good pick! This CET toothpaste provides an antibacterial action and helps prevent plaque formation. Also, it eliminates bad breath and does not contain foaming agents so swallowing is safe for your pets. Plus, you and your pup have a lot of flavors to choose from, there’s beef, malt, poultry, seafood and vanilla-mint!

dog toothpaste

Alternatively you could try making it yourself at home?

Homemade dog toothpaste

· Baking soda, parsley, some salt and beef bouillon cube

· Flavoring cube with coconut oil and a pinch of ground clove that serves as an anti-parasitic agent

· Coconut oil, cinnamon, baking soda, bouillon cube (chicken or beef) and add mint!

The more effort you put into your dog’s wellness, the healthier and happier you and your dog will become. You can also avoid the vet bills the time ensure that your dog’s dental care is healthy. Start to make the brushing activity with your dog a routine, there may be resistance at first but it will all come to pass and end with great results.

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