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Dog Nail Clippers – Choose The Best Dog Clippers


Dog Nail Clippers – Choose The Best Dog Clippers

Do you love your dog more than you love yourself, and trust me you’re not the only one on that boat, after all, they do say that ‘A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend’.  But are you taking good care of your best friend. Now I’m not talking about feeding your dog, or taking your dog on walks. That’s something everyone should do. Now ask yourself this: “How often do you clip your dog’s nails?”.

It might look like something silly, but its actually really important. I’m pretty sure your dog loves it playing in the sand. But did you ever wonder about all the dust that goes inside it’s nails and then into it’s body. This could be the main reason why you end up with the vet regularly. Cutting your dog’s nails also helps many other people like you, and especially your neighbors! You might not notice it, but your dog might leave a nail scratch on you while your playing with it. This could actually be really dangerous. Instead of going to the hospital or the vet, clipping your dogs nails would save a lot of money and time.

But not all nail clippers are fit for all dogs. Your dog is unique from all the other dogs out there, so it deserves a special clipper.

There are different types of clippers, each designed for a different type of dog.

-Guillotine Style: Most popular and common type of clipper. It is designed for small dogs, and is generally pretty simple to use. There is a little hole in which the nail is inserted, then the handle is squeezed. The excess toenail is sliced of by a blade. But, these nail clippers cannot be used for big dogs as they don’t have the power to clip them.

-Miller’s Forge Trimmer: These are generally used for small and medium sized dogs. They are identical to scissors, but they have semicircular indentations. When the blades open, they form a hole to place the nail in. And cut the nail like how you cut paper with a scissor. This might be hard for people with arthritis.

-Large Dog Trimmer: These are very identical to Miller’s Forge Trimmer, but are much more stronger and powerful, so they can be easily used for larger dogs.
Bleeding?Its alright if you have accidentally cut off an extra bit of your dog’s nail and it starts to bleed. Packing the wound with styptic power will work great. Most nail trimmers come with styptic powder, but if yours didn’t come with it, then you can find it in a pet store.

Note: Never Buy Cheap Dog Nail Clippers!

Just because they cost a dollar or two less, don’t get them. There are many cheap nail clippers out there, but most of them will probably break in a day or two. If not they would of already been broken in the starting. We advice you to spend a bit more and buy a dog nail clipper that would lasts longer and gets the job done efficiently.

Which Nail Clipper For Your Dog?

Large Dogs:  Trim Pet Dog Nail Clippers gets the job done and is probably the best at it. It is big so that the dogs nail will slip in, no matter how long and big it is. The stainless steel makes it much easier for you and all of this together will decrease the chances of something bad happening.  Click on picture to purchase these dog nail clippers for $24.95

Medium Dogs: The safest and most long lasting nail clipper for medium sized dogs is “Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel.  It is nothing but perfect.  It is really handy and can be used by one hand. The best thing about this clipper is the safety sensor.  It really comes in handy if you are someone really careless like me. Additionally there is a bonus nail file tucked away in the handle.  Grab a bargain while you can, they are on sale for a whole $12.99.  Click on picture to purchase.

Small Dogs:  Finally, for all the cute and small puppies and dogs out there, the Safari Professional Nail trimmer should do great. I mean over 4000 reviews can’t lie. It has Stainless steel blades, A safety stop for preventing injury.  Almost every single customer of Safari has been a really happy one, and surely it will be the same with you. These awesome clippers are only $8.69, press the picture to purchase them while you can.


Hope you enjoyed our review on Dog Nail Clippers.

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