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Capstar – Does it work?


Capstar – A popular flea treatment for Dogs & Cats.  Does it actually work?

Every pet owner understands the problems that the animals may face.  This includes some diseases or even pest infestations that may make your home uncomfortable to live in.  These pests will probably give your animal certain diseases that will make it weak and might even kill your pet.  For pet owners who own cats or dogs, the most common pest that has been causing a bit of trouble is fleas.

Fleas are known to attack pets and increase in number once they infest your pet and make them uncomfortable before infecting your animals with diseases.  The fleas once they attack your dog, will infect it with a certain disease known as Flea allergy dermatitis.  For cats, the fleas infect them with a certain disease known as Miliary dermatitis which can be fatal for your pet. For the safety of your pets, every pet owner is advised to keep an eye for fleas either on their pet’s fur or on their surrounding including any blankets or facilities that the pet might be living around.

In case you discover any fleas in your pet’s surrounding, you will need to contain it immediately.

Fortunately for every pet owner, there is a very effective pest control drug which is known as Capstar.


Capstar is a pest control tablet which is given to pets in order to kill the fleas that are feeding off of your pets. This drug is very effective and very strong. For this reason, the drug’s usage is limited. The pet which is to be treated with this tablet should have already attained 2 pounds of weight and an age of up to 4 weeks and older.

Capstar is very effective with a very high success rate recorded by the pet owners who have given it a try. Once the pet has been treated with this drug, all the adult fleas which are feeding off the pet will die after a period of about 4 to 6 hours of ingesting. The drug is also very safe to use. For this reason, you do not need to worry about your pregnant pet. This drug will leave them completely safe. This is not the case however when this drug is ingested by a human being and it should therefore be placed far away from human beings.

With a combination of some natural ingredients, you can be sure that this drug will completely get rid of all fleas. The usage should however be more than once since the fleas are known to reproduce rapidly. So, after the first use, you should ensure you use it again on your pet after about 2 weeks

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