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Top 100 Black Cat Names


100 Black Cat Names For Your Black Kitten

Today’s article is in honor of our brand new foster kitty named Little Mew.   She walked in the door at 5 weeks old and stole our hearts within the first 48 hours.  Little Mew was a bottle fed kitten from the age of 1 week old, she was hand raised to 5 weeks old. At 5 weeks the owners didn’t want her anymore and gave her to the local council.  This black kitten, is one of the friendliest and snuggly kittens you will ever met, I can’t think of any reason why anyone wouldn’t want her!  I guess it’s our gain.

Here’s our Little Mew

black cat names

Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate?  Why?  No one is quite sure, maybe it is the superstition factor.  Some people cannot make a connection with black cats.  For any reason, black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted.  Did you know black kittens were frequently connected with witchcraft? They were euthanized in some countries for it, fortunately that time is behind us.

Facts about black cats:

  • · Bombay race is completely black with black hair pigmentation is much higher in males than in females, a high level of melanin pigment causing yellow eyes.
  • · All black cats are actually dark blue. At the appropriate light, shades vary from their hair black as coal, gray-black to brown-black.
  • · Thanks to the recessive gene that suppresses junk, cats are monochrome. Sometimes the patterns are not completely suppressed but can be seen with black cats in the light.
  • · People who own black cats love them without limits, while others avoid them because of superstition.
  • · Bombay cat is the only recognized black cat. It is the result of many years of selective multiplication, in order to obtain the rights of a black cat.

We all love black kittens because of their fun and quirky personalities. Understand one fact: black goes with anything. It is true, so no matter which color your cat is, they only need love and affection.  Looking for a name for your new blackcat?  Look no further than our list.

25 funny black cat names:

1. Ninja
2. Nocturnal
3. Noir
4. 8-ball
5. Clawdia
6. Angelicat
7. Zoro
8. Catsanova
9. Octopuss
10. Meowsical
11. Ewok
12. iCat
13. Winky
14. Kitkat
15. Gigabyte
16. Catsanova
17. Cameow
18. Catapult
19. Your highness
20. Your majesty
21. Whisker
22. Penguin
23. Puddy Tat
24. Purrson
25. Gipsy

black cat names, black cats

25 Cute Black Cat Names

1. Mr. Black
2. Ash
3. Hat
4. Blackie
5. Bunny
6. Bundles
7. Hiccup
8. Kitkat
9. Pixie
10. Panda
11. Figaro
12. Amigo
13. Banjo
14. Snickers
15. Blackitty
16. Dark fluff
17. Winky
18. Wiggles
19. Bitsy
20. Butterbean
21. De ja vu
22. Iggy
23. Ozzy
24. Lolipop
25. Ping pong

25 Different Black Names

1. Carbon
2. Ashes
3. Bogie
4. BeeBee
5. Calo
6. Ebony
7. Forest
8. Inky
9. Duncan
10. Chocolate Chip
11. Dante
12. Cachh
13. Dusky
14. Indigo
15. Magi
16. Likrish
17. Guiness
18. Hades
19. Jet
20. India
21. Bullet
22. Blackbeard
23. Moonstruck
24. Night
25. Blackstar

25 Popular Black Cat Names

1. Pepsi
2. Denzel
3. New Moon
4. Mystery
5. Panther
6. Onyx
7. Bat
8. Batman
9. Diablo
10. Dirty
11. Pepper
12. Fortune
13. Phantom
14. Pluto
15. Bootleg
16. Jynx
17. Poe
18. Storm
19. Spooky
20. Mojo
21. Crow
22. Darky
23. Smoke
24. Black Olive
25. Africa

There are wide array of cat breeds in every combination of color and fur length. However, black cats intrigues us more than any other breed. If you want to name them properly we are here to give you inspiration before you decide.

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