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Rare Cat Breeds – Exotic Cat Breeds


Rare Cat Breeds Found Around the World

Cats are some of the most precious domestic pets to human beings and their affectionate nature makes them even more attractive. Have you ever thought about what kinds of rare cat breeds are available? Most of us only know the popular cat breeds that we see around us every day, like the Persian or the American Shorthair.  There a number of exotic cat breeds aside from the recognized domestic breeds that are increasingly becoming popular with cat lovers.

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Here is a list of some of the rare cat breeds:


The Peterbald is a mostly hairless type of cat that was developed in Russia in the 1994. It is quite playful and intelligent and expresses itself with plenty of affection. These rare cat breeds come in different markings and colors and are usually born with a little down at birth but they gradually lose it and grow into sleek and beautiful cats. Their body structures are very similar to the Oriental Shorthair.

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules means ‘blue eyes’ in Spanish and these rare cats have very blue eyes that distinguish them from other cats. They are said to be very active and friendly though their population is quite small. The breed was discovered in New Mexico in 1984 due to their piercing blue eyes with only about 10 of them being reported to be in existence in over a decade after they were discovered.


Many argue that the Sphynx is the most bizarre looking cat existing. They are big eyed, hairless and have a hump on their backs. The exotic cat breeds appear to be very delicate; however, they are apparently quite strong and very rare.  They are known as the most popular hairless cat breeds.


This type of cat is a crossbreed of the Burmese and Chinchilla Persian that was accidentally developed in the United Kingdom during the 1980’s. Their existence came about when a janitor left the door that linked the two rooms where the two breeds were kept open and the cats mated, creating kittens so beautiful that they decided to keep the new breed.

Kurilian Bobtail

This breed came out naturally and not through selective breeding as is mostly the case of rare cat breeds. They are mostly popular in parts of Europe and in

Russia with a few being found in the United States. This breed is said to be sweet yet very independent and highly intelligent. It is well known for its ‘pom-pom’ tail and is usually a great hunter in the wild. The cats also love water and have a knack for fishing.


The Minskin is a crossbreed of the Munchkin and the Sphynx and thus has the hairless body of the Sphynx and the shortness of the Munchkin. These breed are popular for their friendliness and size.

Cornish Rex

This breed is usually mistaken for a dog. They originated from the United Kingdom and are known for their impeccable hearing ability. They are not only known for their long pointed ears but also their very little body hair. The Cornish Rex may be described as charming and highly intelligent with a great love for attention. The cat is usually willing to retrieve thrown toys due to its playfulness and constantly craves companionship.


The Napoleon breed is a cross between the Persian and the Munchkin and is identified with its short stature. These exotic cat breeds have fluffy hairs that are really soft to the touch. They possess the ‘doll-face’ look of the Persian but do not have its distinct nose.


This type of cat is a crossbreed of the Oriental Shorthair and the Bengal which came about around the mid 1990’s.  As a matter of fact, the breed is increasingly gaining popularity for its friendliness, outgoing personality and alertness. The cat takes after the model of the wild African serval cat with its long agile frame and spots even though it has no relations with it. Furthermore they are said to be really graceful, active and confident and the breed is gradually developing around the world.


The Sokoke is a naturally developed exotic cat breed just like the Kurilian Bobtail. It originated from the coastal parts of Kenya very long ago but was only absorbed into a comprehensive breeding program about a decade ago. Additionally the Sokoke is known to be very playful apart from their love for their human companions with a peace-loving personality.

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