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Types of Pet Birds – Best Pet Birds


Types of Pet Birds – Best Pet Birds

Pet Birds can make great pets and they are available in such a wide variety of species.  There are many types of pet birds that can make the best pet birds.   Birds are very easily cared for, and some can also be trained to talk, how clever is that!   There are a magnificent array of colours to choose from, you could have a pet bird in your favourite colour.

types of pet birds, best pet birds

Some popular best pet birds species are:  Cockatiels, African greys, budgies, macaws, cockatoos and a range of other parrots.


Cockatiels can come in the ever so popular grey/yellow/white or white with yellow. but did you known there is rare colours like blue available too?  Pet Cockatiels are known for the bright red circle on their cheek, they can repeat whistle sounds and are quite friendly. These birds have the best expressions, the feathers on top of their head go up and down depending on the emotion they are feeling or what they are listening to.  They will even “dance” for you.   Cockatiels make great pets because you can handle and train them.  These birds can live roughly 10 to 14 years.

African Grey

African Grey is part of the parrot family.  They are known to be the most intelligent and most talkative parrot pet bird.  Contrary to popular belief that parrots just”mimic” what they hear, it is now a known fact that parrots actually have an intelligence level equaled to a three year old!  Furthermore, African Greys can learn a large library of words and not only that, they can put on different accents.  Now that’s an amazing pet bird.


Budgies – When we talk about best pet birds, we can’t go past the budgie, (Officially the Budgerigar)  Available in so many striking colours, this pet bird is quite popular. The budgie is smaller than the above two birds, so if you want a cute little bird that’s easy to look after, then look no further than the budgie.

types of pet birds, best pet birds

Macaws are a beautiful bird, and come in some amazing colours.  They are extremely expensive!   The Macaw bird is known to be bold, brash and highly intelligent. Blue and Gold Macaws and Green-Wing Macaws are said to make the best pets. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that they are an only pet. Macaws must have daily attention or the birds may become bored, distressed, anti-social and destructive.  Macaws can live up to 50 years of age.


Hand fed Cockatoos can be very affectionate.  When you raise them to be hand fed they form an extremely strong bond with their owners.  However, cockatoos can get depressed if it feels it isn’t getting enough attention. Remember when picking your pet, that Cockatoos can live 40 to 60 years.  Here at, we believe that a pet is for life.

Bird Cages

The enclosures for all the above birds can vary greatly, it’s recommended that bigger is always better though. Remember that birds need daily exercise, exercise for them is flying, they need room to fly.  Birds can get bored very quickly, so you will need lots of toys and lots of entertaining “play time” with your pet.

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